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Applications for the Fall 2019 Nursing class is closed. Applications for the Fall 2020 Nursing Class will begin on September 1, 2019. Please review the Admission Policies and scheduled an appointment with the pre-nursing advisor, Cameron Brown, prior to applying. The policies can be found on the right hand side of the page. Applicants must obtain approval  from the pre-nursing advisor before submitting an application.  Mrs Brown can be contacted at 620-227-9240 or email . Application deadline is March 1, 2020. 



Kansas State Board of Nursing Multi Year Pass Rates of

National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX)

Program Summary of all First Time Registered Nurse Candidates from Dodge City Community Colleg

  2018 - 88.89%          2017 - 95.83%          2016 - 88.89%          2015 - 77.42%


Dodge City Community College Department of Nurse Education

Multi Year Pass Rates

Pass rate based on first time testers for cohort year listed.  Does not include students from different cohorts testing for the first time.  Traditional face-to-face and online program testers reported separately. (Online program last two semesters of curriculum ended 2015) Cycle is from June 1 to May 31.

Traditional Program          2018 - 87.5%          2017 - 95.83%          2016 - 94.12%          2015 - 80.0%

Online Program                                                                                                              2015 - 66%


Multi Year Completion Rates

Completion rate based on the number of students for the cohort year that started and finished on first attemps. Completion rate does not include returning students. Two year cycle from August 1st to July 31st for traditional face-to-face program. Online program is one year cycle from August 1 to July 31.

Traditional Program           2016/2018 - 53%          2015/2017 - 72%          2014/2016 - 66%          2013/2015 - 83%

Online Program                                                                                                                            2014/2015 - 60%


Multi Year Employment Rate

Employment rate is based on number of students employed in the field or pursuing higher education within 6 months of obtaining licensure. Cycle based on June 1st to May 31st.

Traditional Program          2018 - 100%          2017 - 100%          2016 - 100%          2015 - 100%

Online Program                                                                                                       2015 - 100%

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Admission Policies


Addendum's to our admission policies have been made effective as of December, 2015.  Please contact your advisor or the Allied Health Department contact with any questions.


Department of Nurse Education Student Handbook

To request a copy of the student handbook please email Lisa Carpenter at

Admission Policy (.pdf, 404K)
Re-Admission/Exception Policy (.pdf, 99K)
Admission of Transfer-Articulation Student (.pdf, 83K)
Non-Generic Admission Policy (.pdf, 396K)
Other Policies and information
Nursing Program Curriculum(including pre-requisite classes) (.docx, 13K)
Absolute Bars to Licensure (.pdf, 79K)
Tuition and Fees *estimate only (.pdf, 142K)
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Funding your Education
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