Dodge City Community College is a two-year, public college, founded in 1935. The college offers certificate and associate degrees programs, and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Dodge City Community College is located in Dodge City, Kansas, a community with a rich western heritage.

History of DCCC

Founded in 1935, Dodge City Community College is the eleventh oldest institution among the nineteen community colleges in Kansas. It developed partly because of the Great Depression of the 1930’s to give students a chance to extend their high school education or learn vocational skills at an affordable cost in a convenient location. It also developed because community leaders could foresee the long-range value of a two-year college as an educational, vocational, and cultural resource. Originally, the college was a public junior college. In its first statement of “Purpose,” the college declared that its basic functions were “To serve the interests of students destined for specialization in the institutions of higher education…and to meet the needs of students interested in the terminal type of work or the semi-professional fields.” From the fi rst, the college identifi ed strongly main offi ces of Unifi ed School District #443 at 1000 Second Avenue. In 1965, the State of Kansas passed enabling legislation to make its junior colleges true community colleges. This meant that the college could have its own governing board, responsible for hiring a chief executive officer, approving a budget, and establishing college policies. It also meant that the college could create programs and services in even more direct response to local needs. Ford County voted overwhelmingly to accept fiscal responsibility for the college and elected a Board of Trustees in 1965. A year later, in 1966, the college was fully accredited by the North Central Association. The first Board of Trustees began planning for a new campus almost immediately. Enrollment had increased again, this time enough to require an entirely new facility. Ford County endorsed a $2.5-million bond issue in 1966, and in March 1970 the college moved to its current location. This change allowed the college to become more effective in its operations and gave the community a focal site for activities. Since this move, the college has experienced relatively steady growth in nearly all aspects of its operations. In 1988, several post-secondary education components of the Area Vocational Technical School transferred to the college, and in 1994 the college assumed responsibility as the Area Technical Center. This shift and increased enrollment have required expansion of facilities and programs overall. The college has recently remodeled or built structures across campus. The college has expanded its programs and services as well. It has created a system of outreach sites and centers, and it supplements the local outreach efforts of area four-year institutions. It has extended its offerings directly into local industry, making available work-related training and life skill courses. It has greatly enlarged its adult education services and programs for non-English speaking students. It is also expanding to include current electronic technologies through the creation of a campus computer network and a fiber optic classroom to augment distance learning. The history of Dodge City Community College demonstrates a real ability to change and grow. Whatever new challenges the college will face, it looks forward to the future role it will inevitably play in the lives of all of its constituents.
Dodge City Community College is a comprehensive community college, operating with an open-door admissions policy within Ford County, Kansas and an eight-county service region. The college is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees and is responsible to the community it serves and to the State of Kansas. Dodge City Community College recognizes the existence of individual learning styles and is committed to providing quality instructional programs, student support services, and affordable lifelong learning opportunities. The college challenges students to initiate and maintain academic, technical, physical, spiritual, social, and personal growth. The provision of higher education is a public responsibility. Therefore, Dodge City Community College recognizes the need to maintain a viable relationship with the community it serves. Furthermore, Dodge City Community College recognizes that all persons have a fundamental right to seek self-fulfi llment through responsible participation in the learning environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dodge City Community College is to provide challenging and diverse opportunities for the pursuit of learning and to enhance personal and community development in a responsible, accessible, learner-centered environment.

Dodge City Community College will be known as a quality learning environment that continuously improves as demonstrated by its ability to adapt to changing demographics, expand facilities to meet program and student needs, provide advanced technology systems, and support professional development opportunities of faculty and staff. The college will develop outstanding programs based on regional needs, identify and expand revenue sources, and increase participation in the decision-making process. The quality-learning environment will align all systems serving students including planning, classroom instruction, student support services, program delivery, and assessment to improve learning.
Core Values
The quality learning environment of Dodge City Community College will be fostered by the following core values:

The college will exemplify honesty, fairness, reliability, and respect with regard to persons, practices, and policies.

The college will create an environment that promotes esprit de corps, open communication, and commitment to the vision of the college and needs of the region.

The college will embrace life long learning at all levels of the organization, promote learning throughout the area, and engage in practices that enhance learning for all.

The college will be sensitive to diversity and continue to improve processes that embrace diversity and foster understanding.

The college will work with all organizations interested in supporting educational opportunities and will promote teamwork in decision-making processes.

The college will welcome full participation of all stakeholders.

The college will improve through continuous monitoring and assessment of practices.

The college will demonstrate sensitivity and understanding.

Within this Mission Statement are seven defi ning statements which serve to focus attention on the learning processes and activities of Dodge City Community College:

Challenging Opportunities
A range of offerings that meet student academic needs and expand educational horizons considering various levels of student preparedness, aptitudes, and areas of interest.

Diverse Opportunities
Develop a variety of offerings aimed at under-served populations, including academic transfer programs, technical programs, non-credit courses, developmental courses, adult basic education, and special interest topics.

Personal Development
Provide an environment that allows learners to discover more about themselves and to develop an appreciation for culture and diversity of people in a secure, friendly campus environment.

Community Development
Promote a socially responsible and responsive organization that works with a variety of stakeholders to meet the needs of the broader community to strengthen the economic health and quality of life of area residents.

Manage human and other resources in an ethical manner to ensure institutional development.

Provide affordable, convenient, quality education through open admission to constituents.

Place the learner at the center of all decisions and actions taken by the college.
Institutional Responsibilities

To fulfill its mission, Dodge City Community College is committed to offering a range of services conducive to learning, personal growth, and community development. The Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff accept this commitment as imperative. Based on this belief, the college recognizes the following institutional responsibilities:

To offer educational experiences through which a diverse population of students can acquire skills necessary for quality education and lifelong learning.

To provide technical courses and programs.

To provide transitional education which enables a diverse population of students to meet the requirements of college level courses.
• To provide effective academic advising and counseling services.

• To provide a residential living environment which fosters individual development.

• To provide seminars and workshops which respond to the educational training needs of business and industry throughout the service region.

• To provide resources and activities which enhance the quality of life of the college community.

• To operate the college effectively through the employment of qualified administration, faculty, and support personnel.

• To manage the fiscal and physical resources of the college in an effective manner, supportive of the college mission.

• To develop external/internal financial resources which support the mission and needs of the college.

• To represent the nine-county service region within the state systems of post-secondary higher education.

• To plan, implement, and assess strategies for achieving the goals and objectives of the college

Acceptance of Accountability
The responsibility of achieving the goals and purposes of Dodge City Community College is jointly accepted by the Board of Trustees, Administrative staff, Faculty members, and Support personnel. Students-acting with guidance from parents, guardians, and educational staff-are accountable for taking advantage of the educational opportunities established on their behalf. The community, school patrons, and governmental agencies must support the mission of the college if these goals are to be achieved.