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Airport Transportation Shuttle Schedule 

*All shuttle dates/times are subject to change.
Seating is limited so reserve your seat today! Contact Heather Smith at 620-227-9219 or

Shuttle service will only run if there’s a shuttle listed for a date/time.

  Wichita   Garden City
Event/Holiday From DC3 To DC3   From DC3 To DC3
 End of Fall Semester 12/15 5:00am      12/14 3:00pm   
        12/15 4:00am   
        12/15 3:00pm   
 Beginning of Spring Semester    1/8 4:30pm     1/7 5:00pm
          1/8 5:00pm
          1/8 10:30pm
          1/9 5:00pm
          1/9 10:30pm

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